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To visit Saint-Martin is to discover two countries on the same island shared by the French and the Dutch since 1648.

Proud of its unique cultural identity, which it owes to a population from different cultures, Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten is a tropical destination that will not leave you indifferent.Bordered by turquoise and crystalline waters, the island offers exotic landscapes, hilly and verdant reliefs and a few plains where sugar cane flourishes.You will find many beautiful beaches (37) that will fill you, whether they are nestled in the privacy of a cove or they stretch their white sand to infinity

We have several houses in St-Martin, villas in St-Martin, or condos in St-Martin available for rent for your vacations in St-Martin.

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In September 2017, the population of St. Martin suffered a severe test (Hurricane Irma). Since then, she has worked tirelessly to rebuild and revive this corner of paradise.

Already, the scars left by Irma are fading. In a few months, the island will recover the acclaim that earned him the nicknameFriendly Island.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten.