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Located in the heart of the Caribbean, Martinique is in the center of the Lesser Antilles. Its coasts are, to the east, by the Atlantic Ocean and, to the west, by the Caribbean Sea. The closest neighboring islands are, in the north, Dominica (at 25 km) and Guadeloupe (at 120 km) and, in the south, St-Lucia (at 37 km).

Martinique extends about 1200 square km. It measures 88 km in its full length and 39 km in its full width. The north part of the island presents a varied terrain. Mount Pelée, its highest point (1.397 m of altitude), overlooks it.

In the center, the plain extends to the south, a region whose geography distinguish itself by its harmonious terrain and its picturesque setting.

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The climate is relatively soft in Martinique and the heat there is never excessive. The average temperature from 26° to 29° makes it the island of continual summer.

Coming from the east and the north-east, regular breezes, the Trade winds, cool the atmosphere constantly.

Martinique, by its tropical climate conditions, is covered by an exuberant vegetal coat: Sumptuous tropical forests, thickets, savannas, countless species of trees, fruits, plants and flowers.

The population of Martinique is “plural”. This diversity results from miscegenation from the mode of settlement of the island, in relation with the history and colonisation: Native Americans, Europeans, Africans, Indians, Levantines and Asians. About a quarter of the population lives in the capital: Fort-de-France.

The official language is French, but almost every Martiniquais speaks also English.

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