Vacation rentals properties in St. Lucia
Jewel of the West Indies


Located at 40 km south of Martinique (10 minutes by plane), this island of 50 km long and 25 km wide is of volcanic origin. Its geographic terrain takes its particularity from peaks where a tropical vegetation abounds and from pretty white sand beaches.

Although different from her neighbor, St-Lucia has, her too, conserved her authentic Caribbean charm. The island being sparsely populated (178 000 H), you will be sheltered from agitation and more in communion with nature.

We have several houses in St-Lucia, villas in St-Lucia, or condos in St-Lucia available for rent for your vacations in St-Lucia.

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Exceptional destination, suitable to enjoy sumptuous landscapes, St-Lucia offers itself to the pleasure of the senses. Its exotic scents and its typically Caribbean sonority will accompany you in all your activities. There is something for every taste. During your hikes, discover its majestic mountains, its diverse wildlife, its abundant flora and its beautiful beaches lined with palm trees that magnify the splendor of sunsets. Enjoy delicious meals and sweet nights in an accommodation that has earned all the honors of juries.

At St-Lucia, you can let yourself be transported by your senses like nowhere else.